Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Death By Indecision

I'm enjoying my morning walk to work and I see this woman approaching me.  That, in and of itself, isn't remarkable, but how she was approaching me was the issue.  She wasn't walking.  She wasn't jogging or running, but she was trying to do all of them... at the same time.  Just imagine what that looks like.

This isn't new to me.  I've seen people move like that before, in fact, I'm sure I've done the same myself but I've never considered what's really going on.  So, this woman obviously thought she was going to be late, but rather than commit to a single course of action, she tried every form of bipedal movement.

Who hasn't seen this phenomenon happen; where we have a person with so many possible ways of doing something, that they choose to do all of them.  With so many options you can't even do one half-assed because you have more options than ass! Now you're quarter-assing it. (still with me?).

The lesson here is learning to commit completely.  My jog/run/walk/sprinter wasn't committed to the goal.  If being late isn't an option, choose the fastest way of getting there, not the path of that helps you barely  reach the mark.  Choose your target/goal/plan, pick an approach and use it until it you reach it, a better approach appears, or your goals change.

Whatever you do, please commit to not looking like her when decision time comes...