Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Story That Has To Be Written

I have only 15 minutes left of life.

My mind races as I sit here. How do you make the most of your last 15 minutes of life?

My thoughts fly to my family and my friends. Should I text them? Call them? Use my last minutes of life connecting with loved ones? Do I sit outside in the cool spring breeze and let the wind carry me way? Do I delve into sacred texts and quotes to find solace... meaning to my life?

:10 min

Time moves remarkably fast when you're waiting for life to end! My message should be to the world. I want to write a message that will benefit my family, friends, and strangers alike. A message not about me, but about an idea that has guided my life. When it's all said and done, the relationships you've built will be the most important thing about your life.

:5 min

No one lays down to die and thinks of the report they should have done or the video game they should have beaten. No, I think we measure life by the impact we have on others; by the faces we've made smile, cry, or laugh. That is the standard by which we judge ourselves. Has my life benefited more people than its hindered? Have my words brought more joy than sorrow? Have I loved more than I've hated? Have I righted the wrongs I've committed?

:2 min

These thoughts will likely be our companions before we die. How much better is it to have thoughts of love than regret; thoughts of smiling faces rather than tear streaked cheeks?

:30 sec

I've lived a good life because of the love I found. Thank you.