Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Got The Blues!

There was time when to be considered a learned man/woman, you had to have ability in the Arts; whether that be composing, playing an instrument, painting, sculpting, etc.  Nowadays, most Americans "artistic" ability is seen during a drunken karaoke rendition of "Brown Eyed Girl."  To make matters worse, several states are seeking to cut funding for the Arts in the upcoming fiscal year.

My personal artistic ability has been displayed in my years of recorder playing and choir; my 2 years of clarinet and tenor sax in high school; and in my college visit with guitar (the only song I learned was "Ode to Joy") and penchant for the beauty that is karaoke.  Sadly, the musical part of my life is more commonly expressed through I-Tunes.  

My plan is to become a Guy With Skills (GWS).  So, I'm going to undertake learning how to play an instrument, specifically the harmonica or blues harp.

Her name is Harmony.  And she's Beautiful.

I've only had Harmony since last week Friday and I'm already in love.  I won't post all my jam sessions, but I'll keep you posted on the milestones I'll reach.  If any of you play the harmonica, know someone who does, or have some suggestions, please feel free to comment!  I'll need all the help I can get.  Ciao!

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  1. I love it...I have a Harmonica too...just do not know how to play anything but OH SUSANNA!!! lol I am happy for you! Take care.

    Peace, Nico